CNC Foam Cutting Equipment For The Real World.

TABLE ROUTER  You need to check out our table router.  We can build custom sizes to suit your shop needs.






We have been building CNC Styrofoam cutting systems for various industries for over 10 years.  We have built this company from the ground up and will continue to do so for many years to come.

CNC Foam cutting has been around for years and there are a few companies selling equipment.  So why ASTATUE.COM?

Its simple SERVICE.  We have been the service leader since the beginning,  We have always included ON-SITE SET-UP and TRAINING with all of our systems.  Having a problem? No sweat, our phone is answered 7 days 7am to 7pm EST.  We have never refused a customer help and will work with you until your situation is resolved.  YES, That includes how to set up a cut, understanding your design and simple operations.

We have systems around the world on every continent except Antarctica,  Our machines are cutting foam for the architectural industry, Amusement park themeing, Trade Shows, Pre-cast Concrete, Ornamental Concrete, Packaging,  EIFS, Stucco, Surfboards, Roofing, and much more.



COST:  We I first started out there were few choices and the foam cutters that were cnc were prohibitively expensive.  Today we find many low cost hot wire machines  that really dont make the grade for industrial use.    I have found most of my customers recover the foam cutting machine cost in the first month and the rest within 6 months.  This is one of the fastest machine recoveries in any industry.



RELIABILITY:  Our systems pull 24 hour duty in many locations cutting architectural foam  and are comprised with many components that are designed NOT to wear out.  From Large manufacturers of surfboard blanks to EIFS, stucco, and precast concrete manufacturers,  all know that are system is simply reliable.


In short is your place for CNC foam Cutters, CNC table routers and more.  call today  941 223-3139