What can you do with foam


  • What can you do with foam?  Wow what a question.  It is probably easier to ask what can’t you do with foam.  We come from the Precast Concrete Industry and 16 years ago I didn’t even know you could use styrofoam for a FORM Material.This list is amazinghere are a few pictures of some of the things possible.

    We will walk you through the various steps of production for what ever your end use of Styrofoam may be.  We have been experimenting with it for years and have a good background in its potentials.  While we cannot tell you what coating to use or make any claims for any manufacturers product we can certainly help with you decision as to the direction you need to take.






    All this with a simple material you have never imagined to be this versatile.  The same stuff your coffee has come in every morning for years..

    From Home interiors to theatrical props the list continues.

    Precast Concrete forms. EIFS, Foam Trim, Monument signs, Dimensional Signage, Packaging, Vehicle and boat ramps, Even build a whole house and then decorated any way you want, from the best furniture to glow in the dark stones amazon on the garden or maybe some foam decoration you can create yourself.  If you can dream it probably can be built in styrofoam.

    We have been setting up systems around the world for years and have had experience in some of the most amazing industries.

    While we cannot divulge trade secrets we most likely have used styrofoam for similar circumstances as you.  So we can feel your pain and are here to help you.  Unlike some other companies who are just re-sellers of other peoples products we are totally hands on.  We machine all our own parts,  work directly with the software programmer,   And use the system ourselves right inour own foam shop.  (thats right,  I am sitting at the computer right now in my foam cutting shop writing this.)


    There have been many sundays , I would spend the entire day developing a solution for a customers problem, Helping with a toolpath issue or just instructing someone how to handle a situation.  We are here to help you.

    Coatings, coverings, paint and the like. We have used them all.  I have found tricks to almost all of them and am willing to help you decide what is right for your application.  My first order of business is you.  we don’t compete with any of our customers.  We build machines.  Our foam business is more of a hobby than anything else and We cut foam because we like it.  We build machines because We like it better.  We love to solve problems.  We will help you to solve yours.

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