CNC Table Router

CNC Table Router

Our 3 axis table router can be built on a number of size platforms.


a 5′ X 10′ table router $13,900.00

package includes.

  • System4 cnc system
  • High Torque servo motors
  • Timing Belt drive (reduces backlash over rack and pinion drive systems)
  • Aluminum extrusion construction
  • 1.75hp Porter Cable Router spindle with interchangable collets.
  • Slotted base bed for easy material holding, slots every 4″
  • Base table not included. (call for base table pricing)— Anyone can build a base table.
  • Upgrades for rotary milling are available
  • Full 3d .stl machining
  • 2d .dxf machining
  • drilling operations
  • surfacing operations
  • much more…

This system can competitively mill just about any design or profile you imagine.  It is truly upgradeable and a wonderful platform to begin CNC Milling.  You can add vacuum work holders, You know, Come to think of it, With this machine you can build your own Vacuum work holder!  Inexpensive tool changers abound that can be easily adapted to use.  The software and controller already are equipped to handle this.

We have machined Foam, Wood, Plastic, Even Alumium with this system.

(be aware knowledge of your material and proper machine practices are absolutely required to handle many materials.  High speed spindles can hurt or even kill an operator when handled improperly.)